“The Bottomless Bin” — it never gets full!

Continuous Flow Worm Composting Bin -- The Bottomless Bin!

Patented Innovation

Continually add kitchen scraps for the worms to consume, then harvest castings into the drawer and remove. The Earthenrichtm patented system optimizes vermicomposting to provide a convenient and continuous supply of high quality nutrients from recycled food waste. It never fills up!

Practical Design

Elegantly designed and compact, the Earthenrichtm vermicomposter is easy to use, providing convenient nutrients for home planting. Earthenrichtm products are simple to operate, educational, and highly effective.

Powered by Nature

Provides ideal habitat for Eisenia Fetida, or redworms. The worms sustainably consume many times their weight in waste, producing a microbe-rich soil amendment critical to a healthy soil food web.